Friday, November 4, 2011

Didn’t you love the outcome of your hen t-shirt printing? Do you still want to save your t-shirt? Then you’re fortunate since there are various strategies you can employ to eliminate these prints particularly iron-in transfer print. However, you should bear in mind that though there are some strategies to get rid of prints from tee shirts, removing professional printing is very difficult. So to get you going, examine first your t-shirt to know whether t shirt printing removal methods are possible or not. Below are two of the most typical techniques employed to remove prints from a t-shirt.

First t hen t-shirt printing removal method is through iron eradication. Get hold of a bathroom towel, put it on your working spot, and place the printed t shirt over the towel with the print facing upwards. Put a sheet of waxed paper and place it over the printed area. Switch on your flat iron and put it on high cotton setting. As soon as it’s set, iron the waxed paper until it melts and begins to loosen up the print. Do this again strategy up until the iron’s heat entirely melts the t shirt print. Finally, employ a plastic knife to eliminate completely the print.

The next technique is carried out through with the use of alcohol. Once again, get hold of a bath towel and put it on your working area. Turn inside out the tshirt and place it over the soft towel with the rear of the print facing upwards. Get a cotton swab, dip it into isopropyl alcohol and wipe it on the rear of the tshirt. Remember to fully fill the fabric area utilizing alcohol. Leave the alcohol to saturate right into the material for around 20 seconds or more. Turn the shirt with the appropriate side out and eliminate the loose print employing a plastic knife. Try this until all the print is peeled away. If you will still find prints left, continue to put additional isopropyl alcohol.

Simple to do right? Therefore the next time you come across terribly printed t shirts, employ either of these methods and eliminate your problem quickly!

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